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From Whiteout to Data Blackout

Wednesday, January 9th, 2008

It was a fair question as to why when installing a webcam on a mountain it was looking predominately at wooden decking and a fence. Partly to ensure that the there was always something in view with which to gauge the visibility - plus we hoped the decking would be useful to gauge new snow falls on and the extent to which snow was falling vs drifting.

Whiteout from the SSC Hut on Wed 9th Jan 2008

Whiteout conditions affect the Gorm as hurricane force winds on the upper mountain fill the air with snow on Wed 9th Jan 2008. Unfortunately an hour later communication with the webcams was lost after the storms started affecting mobile data coverage in the area.

I am lead to believe that the system is currently connecting via a more distant cell, this is reducing reliability and heavier snow showers are causing intermittent drop outs in the signal.