Winter Climbing Conditions

Over the past few years the number of places on the web offering Winter Climbing Conditions has mushroomed as more accessible blog technology enabled many guides to easily establish their own blogs and conditions pages. The result is more information, but that information is much more dispersed than a few years ago.

In addition to Winterhighland’s long standing UK Ice Conditions Server that allows you to post climbing reports from any part of the UK and Ireland, you may find the following links useful for checking out how climbing conditions are developing.

Mountain Weather & Avalanche Info

The following sites provide detailed mountain specific forecasts which should be checked before heading out. The MWIS update their forecasts late afternoon, while the Met Office update theirs in the early hours of the morning:

Summary forecasts for 2 days and links to Winterhighland’s five day ‘trend forecasts’ which give a basic summary of expected conditions over the coming days along with a weather discussion can be found on our General Situation Page.

The Scottish Avalanche Information Service (SAIS) provide daily updated avalanche reports and forecasts for the following day throughout the winter season. In addition to the forecasts these reports provide info on the day’s weather, snow distribution and extent/condition of icing for winter climbing.

Latest SAIS reports for the following mountain areas:

In addition to the avalanche reports several SAIS teams also have their own blogs which provide further info and where possible photos that give a further insight into how conditions are shaping up:

General Climbing Conditions

These are sites which cover either a wider area or allow posts by the public, as opposed to individual guides sites/blogs which they maintain themselves:

Climber maintained service that allows climbers to post winter climbing reports from any part of the UK or Ireland. Photos of up to 2mb in size maybe uploaded to digital photo albums to compliment text reports.

Winter climbing reports and weather discussion as well as links to other climbing and weather resources on the web.

Along with the Winterhighland Ice Server, the Winternet-Scotland site is one of the long standing ‘original’ winter conditions reporting services. Winternet includes regularly updated climbing reports with photos from various areas. Also webcams and current weather information.

The UK climbing winter climbing forum though not a specific conditions reporting service regularly features threads discussing winter climbing conditions in Scotland and beyond.

Area Specific / Gudies’ Reports / Blogs

If you know of any other websites / blogs with Winter Climbing information please drop us a note to the email address in the footer with the subject Winter Climbing Links.