Eco Computing with an EeeBox

After some computer troubles with my admittedly ageing desktop PC, the main machine for updating Winterhighland has been replaced by an EeeBox, a slimline micro PC desktop follow up to the EeePC netbooks that has an astonishingly small power consumption of just 20watts! Yet still has a 1.6GHz processor, 1GB of Ram and a 160GB hard drive on board, built in WiFi and a 10/100/1000mb ethernet port and without any fans, it’s as good as silent.

Anyone who doesn’t have big CPU munching tasks or is looking for a second PC, this is a little gem worth considering. It comes in at under £200 for the base unit and is proving more than able to deal with a 21inch monitor with a 1680 by 1050 resolution.

All the development work is done on Linuxbeast – not such a modest consumer of power when it’s on (which as a network server is most of the time), but with no need for a powerful windows machine and a desire to avoid the unrequired bloat of vista and the uneccessary extra processing juice to handle it, the price tag, the power consumption, the sleek little box that sits on the shelf and the virtually silent computing it brings seemed worth a shot and so far so good.

Also, a new PC with XP is a good PC imho, XP was light years ahead of win 98, it’s also light years ahead of Vista in terms of usability and relability!