Kirkwood goes off the scale

Wed 4th March.

Forty Eight inches (four feet!) of light powder fell at Kirkwood overnight Tuesday into Wednesday. The shuttle bus was delayed leaving South Lake, but when we left Highway 88 was open to Kirkwood and epic day awaited. But as we headed out of town an avalanche hit the Carson Pass closing Highway 88. At one point CalTrans estimated a 2pm opening, so the bus prepared to turn around, just then a police car drove past and opened the snow gates! No-one got into Kirkwood till lunchtime apart from 50 lucky so and so’s who were staying up there, so after a frustrating wait staring at snow gates that only added to the anticipation, Kirkwood more than lived up to it’s claim of America’s Deepest Snow. It was simply off the scale….

When the Cornice Express opened giving top to bottom riding it was simply mind blowing, face shots with every turn, even lower down where they piste bashers had been ! Powder, machine packed powder, on the trails, in the bowls, in the trees, the sheer amount of snow that fell overnight is simply mind boggling. The pics speak for themselves, except that they just can’t portray just how deep the powder was!