Building a Stevenson Screen

Several of the mountain weather stations Winterhighland already have in place where completely calm days are rare and very high winds can occur have screens built from up-turned plastic saucers and long M6 bolts with locking nuts to space them.

While not as effective as a true double louvred Stevenson Screen, with nearly constant air-flow through the structure in exposed locations they give decent results without spending a fortune and with structures that are resilient to the adverse mountain conditions.

Here are some photos of a new wooden framed screen being built for use in a less exposed location, a few of these will be getting assembled in the next few weeks before winter arrives. The frame is built out of 45mm square soft wood, treated with primer and undercoat and two layers of gloss.

The slats are provided by white plastic 9inch by 9inch louvred vent covers. On 3 sides these are screwed on, but on one side, 4 short bolts through the timber frame are held in place by slightly counter sunk locking nuts. This allows one 9inch vent cover with four holes drilled in it for the bolts to easily detached and re-attached for access to the AWS sensors when required, it is held in place by 4 butterfly nuts.

I’ll post up some more photos of the construction stages before this when the next one is getting built.