Glencoe Webcam update

Driving rain and sleet and steadily increasing wind speeds turned out to be the order of the day at Glencoe on Thursday, where the mission was to complete the re-installation of the wireless networking kit for the webcams following completion of an overhaul of the top of the Access Chairlift!

At the top of the chairlift the off-load deck has been rebuilt and raised to make it easier to off-load, esp so for smaller riders. A completely new lift control hut has been built to, looks good, plus has the Access 2200ft camera now has it’s own window!

Access Chair

Access Chair suggests the Cliffhanger is a no go!

It really wasn’t weather for lugging a computer up a mountain! So the second mid-mountain camera will have to wait a few more days until next week.

However the SSC Hut cam and AWS are once again connected to the network, and will come back online along with the Access Chair camera when work on the power supply to the hut is completed, hopefully on Friday weather permitting.

There is now a mixture of fixed  cameras –  at the top, mid and bottom of the snowsports area (good for seeing what happens when the weather closes in) and a variety of zoom images from the Access Camera which completes the coverage of the mountain.



Despite slightly milder conditions there was still a dusting of fresh on the top,  there could be more snow showers to come over the next few days.

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