Summer Developments

As the season is underway, this info has been moved from the General Situation page. It updates a more detailed description in the blog post – Glenshee Leads the way.

The new Baddoch Chair at Glenshee now resembles a chairlift, with it?s haul rope up and spliced, awaiting fitting of the chairs. Once all the work has been complete, the lift has to be signed of by the DfT before it can open to the public, hopefully no further delays from them!

Glenshee has also installed a new trainer rope tow with it?s own segregated nursery slope adjacent to the Dink Dink Poma. An automatic fan gun has been added to the previously all manual snow making arsenal which can be used on Claybokie, lower Sunnyside and the nursery area around the Dink Dink and Rope Tow.

Glencoe has a new rope tow on the Plateau, providing an easier to access beginners area and an alternative way up to the Plateau Poma for those who struggle with it, the rope tow drops you just down from the Plateau Cafe. Glencoe has also started work on the hobbit houses and camper van stands and hopes (weather and relevant authorities permitting) to get these ready for the winter season.

Both Glencoe and CairnGorm Mountain took delivery this week of a state of the art TechnoAlpin T40 automatic fan gun to trial this winter, with logistical support from TechnoAlpin to assist in set up and train staff.

At CairnGorm the TechnoAlpine gun has a sump for water extraction near the top of the Sheiling Tow, which will allow snow to be made to deal with sometimes problem area at the bottom of the Gunbarrel / top of the Carpark Run. While at the lower end of the Carpark Run the lower Daylodge bridge has been replaced by a 12m wide pipe, so that Piste Bashers can farm snow from the Carparks to help maintain the bottom section of the Carpark Runs.