Brief Forum Guide

This page has some brief details about utilising functionality of the Winterhighland Forum and covers smilies, text replacement, linking and images.

Inserting Images into Forum Posts

It’s possible for registered forum members to upload images and attach them to forum posts. This is the preferred method of including images esp photos as lots of links to external web sites for images (esp photo sharing websites) can significantly slowdown the loading of forum pages.

If you wish to attach a file to a forum post then once you have written your post click the attach button instead of the submit button and follow instructions on the screen.

If you wish to display an image in-line in your forum post you may use the following tags, but please don’t embed very large image files in your forum posts as this will significantly degrade the forum’s performance for those who don’t have super fast connections.

To embed the image:

Webcam Test

The URL of the image is:

Code required in the Forum:


Please note that images in our forum are displayed as backgrounds rather than images, this has two advantages. Firstly it prevents wider images messing up the forum and making it difficult to read, but this means large images will have at least part of their RHS effectively ‘cropped off’. Secondly the required height for the image is reserved as the page loads preventing the annoying jumping often associated with forums with embedded images in threads.

Text Replacement

A small number of useful text replacements are available:

°c is displayed by [c]
°f is displayed by [f]

m2 is displayed by m[^2]
m3 is displayed by m[^3]

Thus [^2] and [^3] can be appended to any unit for squared or cubed.

• is displayed by [*]

Embedding Links in the Forum

If you put in a raw url such as in a forum post, phorum will display the link as []  .

If you wish to give the link different text as would be done with the <a href> tags in HTML the following code can be used:

[url=]Forum Guide[/url].


The following smilies are available on Winterhighland, please use the text indicated to get the smilies to appear in your posts:

Smilies guide

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