A Charming Day to Setup a Webcam

Early this morning Winterhighland made it’s new webcam system which we’re testing on CairnGorm (with the help of the Scottish Ski Club) publicly available. The cameras were installed on Tues 23rd October and I walked to the Ski Club Hut in a T-shirt ! I wonder if there is any truth in the old lore about winters and warm dry Octobers?

CairnGorm Charmer

Today though was not T-shirt weather, walking up the Home Road to the SSC Hut was a serious undertaking against the relentless and strengthening wind, which was howling down Coire Cas with no mercy for those competing in the inaugural CairnGorm Charmer biathlon race. Involving a four mile run from the Daylodge down to Glenmore, a four mile bike ride around the forest before a gruelling four mile run back up to the Daylodge in Coire Cas.

An enormous shout must go out to Paul and Gordon ‘The White Lady’ Duo who were racing to raise money for the ‘Cherished Uplift Fund’ which is collecting money to contribute to the repair of the White Lady Tow and improvements to fences and piste layout to increase the use of this Iconic lift and run. [Edit – they came in an impressive 15th and raised over £400. Very well done indeed.]

Also a big thankyou to Olderalan for the post event hospitality and mouthwatering lamb curry!


SSC Balcony Webcam

Back to the webcams and it should be noted that the camera system is still a work in progress and during the autumn test there will be periods of downtime, while we refine the scripts and hardware configuration. The goal is to have a remote system that can run for a decent period of time unattended and we’re doing it not with expensive network cameras, but with otherwise redundant old P3 computers running linux and USB video class complaint webcams. The hope this will allow us to role out more cameras faster than would be possible utilizing high cost equipment. Losing the occasional £50-80 web camera to the severe operating conditions is somewhat easier to take than losing an £800 one!

This blog will have updates on the cameras filed under ‘webcams’. I hope you find the cameras useful and hopefully we’ll soon be measuring the snow against the balcony deck railing.