Someone left the Fridge open or was it the window?

Is that change that’s in the air or was it the first Icy blast of North wind that really bites tearing through Inverness shortly before the Guy Fawkes night fireworks?

We’re into November and after a very mild couple of days there was a distinct chill this evening, will we see early snow this week though? We might but one thing hasn’t changed, the good old GFS forecast model has been up to it’s old tricks again – promising tantalising ‘Day After Tomorrow’ style charts only to snatch them away a few runs later. That said, the CairnGorm Funicular is closed for annual maintenance and the Nevis Gondola will shortly join it. That should ensure a good dump!

During the course of the winter I’ll blog regularly right here…. a kind of twin track approach, one aspect being a personal mountain blog offering more in depth personal review of days in the hills than is possible in the Snow Reports and Pix from the Slopes. The second aspect is to blog about Winterhighland, to give you the reader an insight into what’s involved, what is happening and news and bits of info about the site and any problems that might crop up during the course of the season. Trust me, when the BBC puts a snow symbol on the map (can they still do that?) and it coincides with a stack of lovely snowy vistas in PixfromtheSlopes – Stuff – happens… Often starting with an email from support wondering what we’re trying to do the UnitedHosting network!

Finally while we await the first real and hopefully lasting falls of the white stuff, get yourself in the mood by looking through your photos. Over the next 3 weeks Winterhighland is running a Photo Competition to select the 12 pix for our first Winterhighland Calendar.

Check out the Photos so far: Photo Comp Entries.