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Official Reports on the go!

Since Dec 2003 Winterhighland has been making the Official reports for all five Scottish Resorts available via WAP and mobile web. The resorts update the official reports as conditions change direct from the mountains, so to keep up to date, just point your phone’s browser to http://winterhighland.com/.

Winterhighland’s Server will then direct your device’s browser to the appropriate site (Some browsers may attempt to load the main homepage, see below for more info.)

There is a basic WAP site suitable for older or black & white mobile phones and a mobile web site which offers colour pages, but remains entirely text based for fast downloads on mobile devices.

If you experience any problems and the help topics below don’t solve it, please let us know by posting a comment or sending us an email (see footer for address).

Questions & Help

Q. Why does the page format of the reports change frequently?

A. Due to the limited capacity of many esp. older mobile devices it’s necessary to restrict page sizes. Thus longer reports require to be split into sub-sections and this also helps ensure the fastest page loads possible.

Q. What do the Lift Status Colours mean?





Lift Status table on the basic WAP site groups open and close lifts together.

Q. The Lift Status table looks different?

The Lift Status tables on the colour WAP site will display considerably differently from one device to another due to different browsers. Some of the popular earlier colour phones such as the Sony Ericsson T68i had very limited table support.

Q. My phone attempts to load the main front page, help?

A. Some mobile browsers will request that the server returns the main web site. If due to screen size, connection speed or bandwidth issues you wish to use the mobile site, you can force your mobile device to use the mobile site by entering the WAP site URL into your phone:


Should this still fail to get the Mobile site on your mobile device try the following and bookmark the address so you don’t have to re-enter it:


For the Basic WAP site (non colour display phones) :


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