About Manual Cams

Winterhighland’s Daily Pix section is a collection of manually updated photos of the mountains taken from a regular location and updated every few days if not daily (conditions permitting).

These are a halfway house between the PixfromtheSlopes which provides numerous photos taken on the mountain every few days, and live automatic webcams which update in real time. The manual cam pictures are taken by people who live close enough to the mountain to take reasonable photos with a digital camera, but because of the zoom required currently rules out automated web cams on the grounds of cost.

Winterhighland would like to add additional manual cams. If you live close to a mountain (either one of the developed snowsports areas or location for winter climbing or touring) and have a digital camera and can spare a few minutes each day of the winter we’d love to hear from you. Do you run a B&B or mountain sports related business, if you can provide us with a manual cam picture we’ll allow you to plug your business on your manual cam blog page. Please get in touch to reachhigher@winterhighland.com or if you are registered on the Winterhighland Forum please send a Private Message to Alan.

Here’s hoping the snow is here soon.