the report server's FAQ
:: Why Register? Guest posting vs. user posting explained.
While you may post reports to any of Winterhighland's report servers as a 'guest', such guest posting does not allow you access to the full functionality of the Winterhighland Site. By registering as a member of Winterhighland, and being logged on when you submit a report, you may upload digital photos of up to 2MB each in size. Registered members are also able to edit their own reports, and delete, add or edit the photo albums associated with their reports.

:: The server is rejecting my photos. Why?.
Only images in JPEG or PNG format image files may be uploaded to the server, attempting to upload other images will cause the upload to fail and return an error.

Another possible cause of your images failing to upload is that they are too large, only file sizes up to 2mb will be accepted by the server. If you have digital photos larger than 2MB you will need to reduce their size before uploading them. If you do not have any suitable software, see how can I resize large images.

:: My Digital Photos are HUGE! How can I resize them?
Modern digital cameras can generate photos of several MB in size. To keep things sane the maximum permitted file upload size on our server is 2mb, though photos of this size will be down-sized for storage on Winterhighland, as a lower resolution is sufficient for display on a website.

If you do not have any suitable image manipulation software, please try this
website which allows you to upload and resize images without any software apart from your web browser.

This sample image below was re-sized and cropped from a 900kb, 1800pixel wide image to a file size of just over 50kb.


:: When I try to upload photos nothing happens?
Please be patient when uploading image files to our server, this process may take several minutes depending on your connection speed as the total upload size may be several megabytes!

:: I have found inappropriate content. Do you moderate posts?
Winterhighland has a small team of moderators who keep a watchful eye over both our forums and our report servers. We operate a reactive system of moderation, that is we don't moderate posts prior to them appearing on the site, as this would significantly delay a genuine report from being available, we check the site regularly for unsuitable material and will if necessary either remove the offending item, or hide it from public viewing and ask the user who posted it to remove the offending parts.

However we can not monitor the site 24/7/365, and occasionally a problem item does get through. If you are a registered member, you can report a post by clicking the report a post link. If you are not a registered member or you are not logged on, please email us (at the address at the foot of this page) with a copy of the report. Your assistance in maintaining our site is appreciated.

:: Help! I think I've broken it?
Your in trouble now! Only joking, while we have made every effort to test the reports system, an unexpected problem may still occur, this may be due to a temporary problem with our server or database server, so it's worth trying later. If the problem persists please let us know, by emailing us (address at foot of page in anti spam format).