pix from the slopes // cairngorm mountain
CairnGorm Mountain // Tuesday 13th February 2007
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The M1 is well pisted with firm packed snow and was the pick of the day for good skiers/boarders.

The Cas Gunbarrel.

No need to wonder on Horizon Road - you can now ski it!

The sun appears as a skier passes under the Funicular from the M1 SideTrack onto the Lady.

Though fairly narrow the White Lady is skiing nicely with unpisted spring snow.

Looking up Coire Na Ciste to a banked out lower East Wall.

White Lady from Mid-Station.

Looking down the Ciste Fairway.

A much shorter queue at the mid-station !

Daylodge Poma from the lower Cas Carpark.

Sledge Park by the Top Station - booking out early.

Looking back up from the foot of the Ciste Tow.

Looking out over big drifts on Lady Luck - easier route onto the White Lady, but mind the t-bar rope!

Heading for home via the Traverse late in the day.

Boarder on the M1. Exit left and take the Gunbarrel to get back to the Poma.

M1 complete via Horizon Road.

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A few flurries during Tuesday but also plenty of bright sunny spells, with some periods of mostly blue sky. Surface conditions have improved with a slight thaw/freeze cycle, with the surface loosening up to give spring snow conditions on a firm base. Snow was crisping up and should start as firm spring snow, loosening up later on Wednesday with some fresh possible.

With prep work to bash out the end result of the storm having continued yesterday evening and this morning the West Wall Poma was up and running, providing an alternative uplift for the Ciste Fairway for those looking for green runs, while for good skiers and boarders the M1 is now open and complete via the new link to the 105, well pisted with firm spring snow, arguably the pick of the day.

Though fairly narrow the White Lady is skiing well and improving with use as the soft snow of Monday was more spring like today. Can exit via upper fork to get to M1 Poma or ski out to the bottom and walk around the Sheiling to get the Funicular, but the best run is to stay in the burn gully till about the level of the Ski Club board walk then traverse sharp left on a good depth of snow to regain the Funicular. M1 SideTrack is wind scoured and thin/narrow, better access to the Lady proper is via Lady Luck, but don't trip over the T-bar cable!

Top Basin is in pretty good shape for easier terrain with plenty of space for novices in the Ptarmigan Bowl. After graduating from the Top the Cas is the next step, with the Tow loading at the Top of the Gunbarrel. Skiable to the mid-station via the White Lady and Coire Cas, some walking required at the bottom of the Zig Zags if you chicken out of the Gunbarrel.

Photos by Winterhighland with additional pics from H11lly and Telemarker.
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