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pix from the slopes // cairngorm mountain
CairnGorm Mountain // Friday 12th November 2010
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[Wed 10th] CairnGorm Mountain from Loch Morlich.

[Wed 10th] Coire Cas coming into shadow late in the afternoon.

[Wed 10th] White Lady and M1 RaceTrack from below, spot the tracks on Coronation Wall.

Cas Gunbarrel and White Lady on Friday afternoon, more windswept, but more depth in the gullies and behind the fences.

Daylodge Poma, just about hackable for anyone willing to skin or hoof up OverYonder as a means of return from the Ciste side.

Oh please please be a lasting base... the hard work is done, the Ciste Gully and East Wall gullies have filled in.

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As these photos upload to the Winterhighland server we are just hours from kicking off the 2011 Scottish Snowsports Season with CairnGorm Mountain opening for the new season at 10am on Saturday 13th November.

Uplift for Saturday will be the Funicular Railway, with mid-station stops running as demand requires from 10am. Day tickets are the standard Funicular prices (£9.75 for an adult), but if you live locally in Strathspey and have a voucher from this week's Strathy and proof of residence you can ski for just £1.

Available terrain is suitable for intermediates upwards, with riding on the middle slopes. The Traverse and 105 will form a pisted route down into the Cas Gunbarrel to the mid-station. The upper 2 legs of the Zig Zags are available for those who wish to avoid most of the Gunbarrel, but the cover on the ZZ's is thin.

For more experienced riders both the M1 RaceTrack and the White Lady are skiable, the M1 is narrow in places and both are unpisted and umarked - so go with care. Coronation Wall saw some action mid-week, but with the mist down today it wasn't possible to see how this fared through Thursday's second storm.

Over in the Ciste the Gully has filled in as has the East Wall Gullies, the upper East Wall Gully looked very promising, but remember there is a big burn under these snow fields and the snow bridges have not had time to settle in and firm up.

The selection of photos are from Wednesday and Friday, and show how the mountain is more windswept now - but this means more snow depth on some of the runs.

See you up there, but prob a good idea to bring the rock hoppers!
Pix from the Slopes for the 2011 Season
CairnGorm Mountain

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