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pix from the slopes // nevis range
Nevis Range // Saturday 5th March 2011
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Checking out the options for dropping into Coire Dubh.

Great spring snow turns on the Braveheart Black.

Watching mist spill over into Coire Dubh from the foot of the Braveheart.

Signs near the edge of the mountain!

Spikes and Summit Gully.

Spring snow turns under the Braveheart Chair, looking up Chancer.

Climbers Col.

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It's taken a long time and a few false dawns, but with the sun softening up the snow pack in Coire Dubh to loose granular spring snow the Braveheart Chair made it's 2011 season debut on the first Sat of March.

However it was more lonely heart than Braveheart, the majority stuck doggedly to the hard packed front of the mountain - seemingly put off even looking at the back by the firm conditions on the Goose. However while Goose Gully stays in the shade in the morning, Coire Dubh soaks up the morning rays and can often soften in spring when the front remains boiler plate.

The runs are complete to just short of the loading area - but people were heather hoping over the brief brake to the chair. From Spikes and Summit Gully there was reportedly a 5 to 10min walk back to the Braveheart. Exit back to the front involves a mix of walking and sliding, rock bands break the traverse into sections, but the majority of the distance can be covered sliding, but Rob Roys Return runs out with a few minutes walk to the Top of the Gondola.

All Summit Runs are complete with good cover of hard packed snow. Summit park has a number of rails, boxes, rollers and kickers. Upper mountain has a good base to build from with the snow forecast this week. Braveheart will be assessed later in the week with regards the weekend.

Photos from GGW and Spikes/Summit Gully from Sredna100.
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