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pix from the slopes // cairngorm mountain
CairnGorm Mountain // Friday 30th December 2011
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Drifting snow topping up a nice surface in Coire Cas.

A convoy of skidoos rescue stranded boarders from the foot of the Ciste T-bar!

Heads bowed against the strengthening wind in the Ciste Tow queue.

Skidoo coming up the Ciste Fairway as the light fades.

Top of the Ciste Fairway, Ptarmigan Traverse being pisted in the background.

Winter has returned to CairnGorm Mountain. Looking out the Top Station doors.

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Winter returned to CairnGorm Mountain after the Christmas thaw and with a break in the wind lift served snowsports were able to get underway again on Friday 30th December.

Initially the sliding under fine overhead was on Coire Cas from the Cas Tow which was switched to loading at the top of the Gunbarrel to provide more space for riding back to the mid-station on the Funicular. The Coire na Ciste Tow came on during the morning, but by lunchtime threatening big clouds were looming over the Plateau.

Snow set in for the afternoon with heavy drifting in the strengthening Southerly wind, the direction change was fortunate allowing the tows to continue operating despite the steadily rising wind. The top of the Traverse was beginning to fill in and by the end of the day it was possible to carefully get from the top of the M1 Poma to the corner at the RaceTrack split with skis on.

People were riding to the Daylodge but the Carpark Run was mostly classic Scottish Combat skiing, the sane let the train take the strain. However, descent was accomplished without any damage - except to camera which had an unplanned dooking (hence delay in the photos being put up on the 1st).

A thaw on Saturday, refreeze for New Years day with further snow and drifting since. More showers expected overnight into Monday should freshen things up. A storm brewing for Tuesday, one to watch, hopefully a big dump of white stuff on the way.
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