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CairnGorm Mountain // Saturday 28th March 2009
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Cas has filled in on both side of the tow .

Looking over to the Traverse from the Cas

M1 had huge drifts- a natural border cross ! - but rocks that had to be stepped over in places

Fairway in great condition, but a huge amount of icing on the West Wall poma

Traverse is filled up to the fences

Carpark from the Daylodge piste. It wasn't busy, yet the skiing was excellent. Daylodge skiable but patchy in parts.

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:: Snow Cover
Most Terrain has Good Cover.
:: Surface Conditions (out of 5)
:: Weather Conditions
Snow showers throughout the day. Sun appeared briefly early afternoon. Well below freezing. Strongish wind blowing up the Cas but elsewhere it wasn't that noticeable
:: Snow Conditions & Info
Vast improvement and it is now possible to ski to the Daylodge both by the Burnside and the M2 and Daylodge.

Cas, Traverse, 105, top bowl and M2 have all filled in.

Lady is still icy on the funicular side but has fresh powder over the burn course.
M1 is also icy and rocky on the Cas side but has huge drifts on the Lady side. Neither of these were officially open but several folk were going down them.

Great skiing especially when the visibility improved around the middle of the day

The M2 and Over yonder have been pisted now so if the West Wall poma can be de-iced it could open up the ciste side
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