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This Report for the Scottish Highlands was issued at
22.59hrs Saturday 8th November 2014.
Then be sure to join us for a pre-season snow fix at Eden Court, Inverness on Monday 10th Nov at 8pm or Aberdeen's Belmont Filmhouse at 8.30pm on Tuesday 11th for Warren Miller's 65th snowsports film... NO TURNING BACK!

See www.winterhighland.info/warrenmiller for all dates and tickets. As always great intermission prize giveaways!

Bonfire night has been and gone and it was what many would consider a seasonal one, certainly in Highland Scotland with a cold crisp evening under clear skies.

There was even a covering of new snow on the mountains, indeed the new Ptarmigan Traverse fencing/alignment accumulated it's first drifts, and they were still clearly visible from Aviemore above the Ptarmigan Restaurant on Saturday afternoon.

Looking ahead, well the forecast models have see-sawed back and fore between quite spectacular cold and a continuation of the so far mild autumn - it provides a sense that perhaps we're getting into position for a switch to be thrown, much like the turn around in November 2009 - the question is will we be in the firing line when it does go off?

We're getting excited about the approaching season and getting our hand's on Warren Miller's No Turning Back today only bumped up the anticipation levels further into the Stratosphere - maybe that will help with one of those Sudden Stratospheric Warming thingy's everyone gets awfully excited about on Netweather!

As always every Winterhighland screening is more than just a snowsports film. it's a celebration of the approaching winter, complete with intermission prize giveaway and an opportunity to meet up with fellow snowlovers over an intermission refreshment or two.

We're spreading the tours wings wider than ever this autumn, Winterhighland's putting on 16 shows over Nov, Dec and Jan from Thurso in the North to Newcastle in the South (well it's South for us). There's 2 additional Black Diamond screenings, one each in Edinburgh and Glasgow, and 16 elsewhere across England.

Tickets are on sale at www.winterhighland.info/warrenmiller .

Last year we only had to wait till 9th November for the season to get underway, alas if you want to get a slide on the 9th this year you'll have to hoof to the drifts and patches from last weeks high level snow - such as on the Ptarmigan Traverse to grab a few turns!

So for now it's waiting and watching, and grabbing 90minutes of fantastic snow filled big screen action with the Warren Miller Film Tour and Winterhighland!

Keep watching the forecasts!!

:: Season Passes
If you get up regularly, it's well worth having a think about getting a season ticket. With breakeven around 8-9 days, if your getting around half that or more with day tickets, a Season Ticket will more likely than not see you get out enough days to be in profit!

You have the non financial plus points of no ticket queues and flexibility to turn up and go when you please, grab a few hours in the morning, over lunch, or a couple of hours late afternoon. Trips you wouldn't do if you have to buy a full day ticket.

Unfortunately most season ticket early bird deals have passed, but you can still get Nevis Range tickets at the discounted early price till 11th November. Remember, you also get 30% of full price tickets at the other Snowsport Areas too.

:: Save the Ciste - Doo Below
A big thank you to everyone who popped into the Doo Below earlier in October to chat with the Save the Ciste Campaign. As the group develops an outline proposal for the redevelopment of Coire na Ciste to put it back at the heart of snowsports on CairnGorm Mountain, further such engagements are planned. Follow Save the Ciste on Facebook for updates and/or visit
www.savetheciste.com for more detailed updates on the Ciste Blog.
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:: Mountain Weather Outlook
A fine Sunday with good clear spells and light winds if you fancy going for a wonder in the hills, becoming unsettled later Monday again with the FL looking to be sitting just off the tops of the higher mountains - possibly teasing us with hints of white from time to time.

The forecast model ensembles are tending to a fair bit of flip flopping as well as the higher resolution deterministic operational runs, a couple favour cold, then it's a run of milder, then there's a chilly one....

Check the MWIS and Met Office Mountain forecasts fr the latest detailed area mountain weather outlooks.

:: Scottish Snowsport Areas: Snowphones & Websites
Glencoe: 01855 851226
Nevis Range: 01397 705825 www.nevisrange.co.uk
Lecht: 01975 651440 www.lecht.co.uk
CairnGorm: 01479 861261 www.cairngormmountain.co.uk
Glenshee: 013397 41320 www.ski-glenshee.co.uk
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CairnGorm Mtn // Sat 4th Oct
Dusting of autumnal snow on CairnGorm for my October turns - 12 consecutive months sliding on the 'Gorm since opening day last November.
Harwood // Sun 14th Sep
Drive of the former Harwood Tow getting pulled out of the engine shed prior to transport to Lowther Hill at Wanlockhead in Southern Scotland.
CairnGorm Mtn // Sun 31st Aug
About to bag some late August turns on one of the smaller patches at the Ciste Mhearaidh.
Glencoe // Sat 21st Jun
A busy Main Basin on the Summer Solstice.
Glencoe // Fri 16th May
Tourer gets his reward with first tracks of the morning in the deep Spring Snow in the Main Basin.
CairnGorm Mtn // Mon 5th May
Into the Ciste Gully with lift assistance for one last time for the 2014 Season - superb run with upto 1600ft vertical still possible.