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Nevis Range // Saturday 20th March 2010
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A shot up the Goose uptrack

2 skiers on the East wall of the Goose

Braveheart chair from Chancer

Looking up toward Chancer from above Braveheart chair, check the avalanche debis from cornice collapse

First view of the Allt Sneachda for a few months, snow at least 4ft deep at the edge

Warrens uptrack with Flight in good nick to the left

Blue sky and snow !!!! where were you all?

Alpha up tow and Yockies

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:: Snow Cover
Mostly Skiable - Some Areas Thin/Narrow
:: Surface Conditions (out of 5)
:: Weather Conditions
Only up PM but nice dry bright afternoon, freezing above the summit and feeling pleasently warm with little wind.
:: Snow Conditions & Info
Still excellent very wide cover above the Rabbit run and even Yockies has quite good snow to the Alpha drive and even the Linnhe tow was going servicing the beginers area so something for all levels. Skied from Warrens mostly doing the Nid wall, G@T Gully and Yellow belly before moving to the Goose which is still massive and actually still joins on to Warrens. The snow had collapsed into the Allt Sneachda near the bottom and the side at the collapse is over 4ft deep still, on the wall above you could see a long way into a fracture, Really nice snow there, firm at top and granular at the Goose drive. Topped it all with a drop into Chancer for a last run about 3.50PM landing on nice fresh snow on a much reshaped entrance with snow coming from the west now. The traverse out is fine but you must stay high above the pole line or suffer the consequences ( a wee walk). Coming off the Nid needs a chosen line and a 8mtr grass ski but not too bad we did it 4 times !!
All in a great afternoon and a lot better than first expected and very very few punters.
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