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Southern Cairngorms // Saturday 24th April 2010
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Route: Green=bike, red=walk, purple=ski

grinning after Descent into Coire nan Clach

Descent line into Coire nan Clach

pausing to choose route into Coire nan Clach

putting turns in on descent into Coire nan Clach

first turn on descent into Coire nan Clach, after finding a gap in cornices

Coire nan clach

small couloir in Coire nan Clach

descent line in gap in cornice on Coire nan Clach coire rim

Steve heading to North Top

Steve telemarking into Garbh Choire

Steve putting in tele turns down Garbh Choire

Cliffs in Garbh Choire

cold newt, we moved onto a sunny rock

looking into Garbh Choire

looking into Coire nan Clach and our later descent route

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:: Tour Route(s) or Location Skied/Ridden
Beinn a Bhuird.
Start/finish at Keiloch (Invercauld Bridge).
Start 10am, finish 6.30pm.
Route map shown on attached photo.
total 24km.
11.5km on bike each way (23km total): Keiloch-Gleann an t-Slugain- to GR317798.
Walked 1.2km each way (2.5km total)
8.5km round trip on skis.
Skinned up Allt Dearg then up onto plateau approx. 1km West of North Top.
Then headed NNW to head of Garbh Choire. Descended 300m into Garbh Choire down to approx. 800m. Skinned back up.
Back on plateau skinned along to North Top of Beinn a Bhuird, looking for safe entry into Coire na clach - monster cornices most of way round the Coire rim.
Eventually chose to enter Coire na clach at GR309800 where there was a gap in the cornices.
Descended into Coire na clach, then skied back down Allt Dearg.
:: Weather Conditions
Light rain in carpark, but weather cleared as we cycled in, with blue skies and sunshine and haze later on. Light winds, although higher at times on the plateau. Very warm.
:: Snow Conditions and Distrubtion
spring snow lower down, sticky snow higher up, but great to ski - when descending steeply, slower on shallower gradients. freezing level above summits.
upper layer of snow sloughing of older snow,
:: Skiers/Riders
telemarker and Steve
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