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Lake District // Thursday 1st November 2012
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Skiing down the east flanks of Great Dodd at around 700m. Snow dirfting in nicely in the weastly breeze.

Tyan at around 600m as the blizzard set in

Summit was full on winter with the wind in your face

Great Dodd 857m in the first snow of the new season

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:: Tour Route(s) or Location Skied/Ridden
Woke up this morning to see the first sprinking of snow on the Lakeland Fells and I needed no further encouragement to head up for a play. Went up Great Dodd from the Old Coach Road on the eastern side. Hit the snow line around 500m and by 650m snow was laying nicely. Climbed to the summit of Great Dodd at 857m where it was a blizzard with snow laying quickly in the strong westly breeze. Skied down the eastern flank where the full snow cover of around 3/4 inchs ran well to around 600m. From here continued untill the snow ran out and through a few combat moves on the grass to get to within 100m of my truck. A great day to start the new season and better snow then expected. Hope you all have a brill winter 12/13
:: Weather Conditions
Freezing around 700m with snow laying down to 500m. Strong westly wind drift snow nicely onto eastern flanks.
:: Snow Conditions and Distrubtion
OK considering its early November and its only the first fall. Good enough to crank a few turns out.
:: Skiers/Riders
Gordie and Tyan
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