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Northern Cairngorms (Exc. CGM) // Saturday 24th January 2015
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N Descending the ramp in a squall


A Carn Dearg on the cover

L Taking shins off like huskies in the snow


O Brighter spell on return

P The 20km route

K Togged up at summit

J Established in Gleann Ballach heading NE

H Safe route up the heather line on the West bank around 550m

G Footbridge at NH659019


D Heading up Glen Fionndrigh

C Good snowcover on track to Glenballoch

B 4x4s just prior to trees 700m from end of road

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:: Tour Route(s) or Location Skied/Ridden
Carn Dearg in the Monadliath from Glen Banchor. Given scoured ridges in the Gorms, Category 3 on steep east facing slopes and a forecast of 55mph westerly summit winds we chose Carn Dearg as a potentially doable ski peak. The approach road was deeply rutted which at least assured good snow cover at lower levels. The NE facing ramp to the top col was about 20 degrees and we felt we were far enough away from the steep SE face of Carn Ban. A good route that is shown on the cover of Ski Mountaineering In Scotland
:: Weather Conditions

We reckoned the MWIS forecast minus 5 with 55mph winds giving wind chill around -20C was about right. Visibility came and went with a clear spell at the summit.
:: Snow Conditions and Distrubtion
There had been a few more inches overnight blown off to an icy surface in places. We had harscheisen on from the top col. We kept skins and harscheisen on for the descent to the top col due to the wind.
:: Skiers/Riders
Eagle Ski Club Party
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