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CairnGorm Mountain - Sun 3rd Nov 2013
Posted by: h11lly at 20.41hrs on Sun 3rd Nov 13

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:: Snow Cover
Broken & Patchy. Very Limited Terrain.
:: Surface Conditions (out of 5)
:: Weather Conditions
Strong WNW wind helped me walk and then skin up from the top ZigZag. Visibility wasn't great higher up due to drifting snow but while I was in the top bowl it calmed down a bit and the sun made a brief appearance.
:: Snow Conditions & Info
Snow almost to carpark level but good cover from the mid station up beside the fences. Ciste Bowl has accumulated a fair bit and you could virtually ski more or less anywhere in it, but Cas side runs are still too thin.
Huge drifts on the traverse, like a mini Alpine range , and enough on the 105 and zig zags to ski down on. The snow had a slight crust to it although in the drifts it was soft powder. A fun afternoon.
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