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the Lecht - Wed 13th Dec 2017
Posted by: Skicadets at 16.21hrs on Wed 13th Dec 17

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:: Snow Cover
Excellent Cover
:: Surface Conditions (out of 5)
:: Weather Conditions
Bright with a few clouds and strong winter sun. Wind was quote strong at the top so lots of drifts and a bit of scouring. Nothing unfixable for the piste basher.
Temperature -1 but felt warmer in sunlight
:: Snow Conditions & Info
Some drifts and minor scouring but nothing a pisten bully couldn't fix. Basher was also moving snow around on Buzzard to add depth. Queues were non existent. Great Sliding. Well worth the drive. Ample beginners area and most lifts can open if demand.
:: Riders
skicadet x1 Papa G
:: E-Mail Contact
irdabloomers at gmail dot com

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