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Nevis Range // Wednesday 21st January 2009
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The bottom of the chair runs which are well filled with nearly a full fence depth of snow.

A skier heads out from the bottom of the goose heading for the chair runs.

View towards the Snowgoose Restaurant from half way up the chair.

View towards Far West, I didn't go down this run but it looked to have a decent cover.

The wind has filled in the alt sneachda run well with the burn mostly covered over, even at the bottom. Not quite ready to ride into the gully yet though.

Walking to the base of the chair. Loads of snow on the chair traverse though so walking is optional.

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:: Snow Cover
Most Terrain has Good Cover.
:: Surface Conditions (out of 5)
:: Weather Conditions
Windy, overcast and cold. Wind was blowing straight down the hill gusting to perhaps 40mph. Freezing level 1500ft.
:: Snow Conditions & Info
Generally a good cover of snow. Lower half of the mountain actually has a very good cover whilst the top half by no means bad does need some further falls to fill things in a bit more. The main goose gully is well filled though with the stream burried all the way down.

Surface conditions were on the whole great with wind blown powder in the goose giving fresh tracks on every run.

Didn't take any snaps of the upper mountain as it was too cold to get the camera out and the light was pretty flat.
:: Riders
Chris and Charne
This report was posted by Chris H at 22.13hrs on Wed 21st Jan 09

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