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Nevis Range // Sunday 4th November 2012
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The broken trail that made my walk up so much easier !

Two boarders on the summit run

Cornices are present. Very human profile- even the dripping nose!

Admiring the Ben from the summit cairn of Aonach Mor

Ready made split board skin track above tower 4 on the Goose

Beautiful. CMD and Ben Nevis

Aonach Beag. The surviving snow patch was completely buried.

Looking into Summit Gully

Cornice on Easy Gully

Looking down Easy Gully

Wonderful surface to glide over

Skis finally off- outside the top station

Heading down. The surface had firmed up and there was enough depth so no rocks were hit

The wonderful Goose

Foot of the summit runs- loaded

Great skiing on the summit runs

Two boarders came down by the Goose track as I was heading up.

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Limited Terrain Complete/Open.
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Mist came and went on the way up then it cleared. Light wind, below freezing.
:: Snow Conditions & Info
The snow to the top of the gondola was quite wet as I headed up using a trail broken by a couple of boarders. By mid Goose it was drier and then I had the skin trail of a split board to follow. The snow was nearly 2 feet deep in places so I was very grateful to the pioneers that had been up earlier then me!
I toured over to the col between Aonach Mor and Aonach Beg then retraced my steps. The snow had a slight iciness to the surface that made it wonderful to ski
Went down left of the summit button tow then cut over to Goose. Swooped back and fore on Warrens side of the Goose to the bridge across the stream. By then the lower slopes had firmed up so I was able to ski to the top station.

Fantastic day and never hit a single rock !
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