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CairnGorm Mountain // Saturday 29th December 2012
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There has been a fair amount of snow lost in the previous 24 hours but this photo shows the worth of the snow fencing on the M2 and West Wall poma track

Upper Lady. Approaching from the old Lady tow side was better than from the M1 poma top as there was more loose snow on the base there

After one run in the morning I decided to leave it to the experts as it was pretty icy on the steeper sections.

Amazingly, despite the cross wind the M1 stayed on all day. The return bars were a long way from the vertical !

Traverse was good and still loaded

Mid Cas has lost snow but after the snow showers in the afternoon it was lovely to ski

Gunbarrel had plenty of wind blown snow

Traverse and 105 were good.

There were enough stashes of snow on the Lady to make it enjoyable. The exit to the M1 poma was vastly improved from Thursday.

The elephant fence on the Lady was gathering snow in the SSW wind.

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:: Snow Cover
Mostly Skiable - Some Areas Thin/Narrow
:: Surface Conditions (out of 5)
:: Weather Conditions
Strong wind, occasionally clear, snow showers. Colder in the afternoon
:: Snow Conditions & Info
The base was hard and icy with some soft snow, and in the afternoon fresh snow. Pisting had made the top bowls , Traverse. 105 Cas and Lady good if you had sharp edges to cope with the occasional icy patch . The Gunbarrel was particularly good as it seemed to have gathered the wind blown snow.
The Cas and top tows closed in the afternoon due to the wind but the M1 poma kept going although a lot of folk were finding it hard to stay on till the top.
The lower slopes were closed although I went on them to retrieve a runaway snowboard that came charging down the Gunbarrel and finally came to rest just above the start of the Sheiling tow.They were very icy and after the board was returned to it's owner I carried on down but had to walk part of Burnside.
Although it was a bit wild, it was still a good day.
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