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Glencoe // Tuesday 1st January 2013
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Top of the access chair.

Top of main basin

Mugs alley first thing

Main basin button and bar uptrack

Main basin looking up - about 1/3 distance down

Happy valley at the main basin feed in

Happy valley after main basin feed in

Happy valley above main basin feed in below exit to etive glades

En-route out of main basin to happy valley

There were people - main basin T-bar even had queues on and off

Main basin looking down about half way.

Main basin upslope

Main basin across slope

More main basin upslope

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:: Snow Cover
Mostly Skiable - Some Areas Thin/Narrow
:: Surface Conditions (out of 5)
:: Weather Conditions
Rain at car park level first thing. Snow from about 3/4 way up access chair. Strong winds bringing spindrift on and off most of day. Snow to early PM. Visibility generally good, occasionally very poor in snow. Very good at times in afternoon.
:: Snow Conditions & Info
Hard to give an accurate judgement on cover, best answer is if its open its fine / run width not an issue.

Stayed upper mountain all day, mainly main basin with a couple of runs down happy valley. Quite a change in some areas of the hill in terms of snow distribution - mainly banking out and infilling of hollows. Main basin lost cover upslope left of tows gained massively none tow side.

Main basin - 5
Happy valley - 3+ (mainly due to variation in surface conditions)

With most doing the main basin I've gone for 5 over all. Rest of hill was probably 4 or 5.

Best snow of the season so far in Main Basin. Good cover of fresh for vast majority. Some variation on depth but generally deeper at top. Happy valley mixture of hard pack, ice (rarely) and wind blown fresh above the point Main Basin feeds in. Below some of best compacted snow on hill.

Busy day, even some queuing. Wall had banked out but didnt ski it. Cover looked much better than pre-christmas. Plateau run and mugs alley - good width.
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