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CairnGorm Mountain // Thursday 10th January 2013
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First run off the 1.15pm train

Entry to the Lady , turn right before the traverse

Pisted route to the Lady

Upper Lady

Mid Lady

Lower Lady

Looking up the Gunbarrel

Traverse- still very wide

105, turn left at the poles to the upper Cas

Lower Zig

Upper Zig

Upper Zag

Lower Zag- skis off for short walk to middle

Snow moving in the top bowl just before I headed down for run ten

Snow cannon in action

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:: Snow Cover
Limited Terrain Complete/Open.
:: Surface Conditions (out of 5)
:: Weather Conditions
Calm, some sun with occasional very thin mist drifting. Didn't feel cold but maybe that was just skiing down to catch each train without stopping !
:: Snow Conditions & Info
Pisted frozen snow on a hard base. Three options from top to middle due to a great effort from the outdoor team.
The Lady which has had a pisted route made right down and entry is by turning right at the top of the traverse. Being steeper it required sharp edges to be able to relax.
Traverse, top of 105, mid Cas( which I forgot to photo) Gunbarrel. Gunbarrel hadn't had much traffic so again sharp edges helped.
As above but by the zig zags . This was the most relaxing enjoyable run as traffic had softened the snow and with the gentler gradient there was less need for edge control.
Short walk from the bottom zig to catch the funicular but by any of these routes there was time to catch each train - they were running every 15 mins.
A snow cannon was on beside the Ptarmigan and snow was being moved about.
Had swithered whether to go or not but really glad I did.
:: Riders
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