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Glencoe // Monday 10th March 2014
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View from Summit ridge at the end of the day

Looking back up to Meall a' Bhuiridh after the last run down the Spring run and out wide on the plateau

Last uplift on the Main Basin T- bar as the sun sets over the summit ridge

Late afternoon in the Etive Glades with Creise in the background

Main Basin is loaded

Safety marker on Etive Glades is almost buried

Looking down from upper Etive Glades

Skiers dropping into the backs from summit ridge at the Monument

Looking over to the Flypaper from the East Ridge

Looking back up Etive Glades

Fresh Tracks on Etive Glades

Looking up the Camm Glen from Etive Glades

Skier at top of Spring run, best run with great snow all day!

East Ridge and Flypaper

Looking over to Cliffy Chair from Mugs Alley

Looks promising from chair in the morning!

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:: Snow Cover
Excellent Cover
:: Surface Conditions (out of 5)
:: Weather Conditions
At last a day of light winds and sun and all uplift open at Glencoe apart from the top button on the Main Basin which is still deeply buried under the snow. It felt balmy and warm in the spring sunshine and although there were a few showers around on the adjacent hills they stayed clear of Meall a' Bhuiridh. By the end of the day as the sun went down the snow was again firming up as temperatures fell. A superb days skiing!
:: Snow Conditions & Info
There is just a fantastic and deep cover over the whole mountain. There were some fresh turns to be found out wide on the plateau and the Etive Glades with some lovely pockets of soft windblown snow. Elsewhere the snow pack was firm early on with some harder wind scoured areas at the top of the Etive and Rannoch Glades. As the day progressed the snow softened and became more spring like and granular.
:: Riders
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