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Glenshee // Monday 24th March 2014
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First shot of the day. stunning visibility.

Spindrift increased on each run as wind increased.

From GM Tow, skiers running down perfect piste with pister in action.

Perfect visibility and great snow once into the main part of the gully.

Looking up into the gully with numerous sliders in decent.

The towside run gave perfect sliding, a busy spell on this part of the run.

Looking back from Fionn tow to Glas Maol. Heavy spindrift off the cornice on the OoB area.

Taken on the top of the Glas Maol tow, fresh pow on firm base.

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:: Snow Cover
Excellent Cover
:: Surface Conditions (out of 5)
:: Weather Conditions
Blue Sky, infinite visibility, harsh wind increasing through morning to circa 40mph at 1330hrs. FL circa 2500'.
:: Snow Conditions & Info
Epic. The weekend snowfall was more substantial than I expected and a significant snow top-up has generated superb conditions.

Roadside areas are patchy/slushy and bare areas are evident low on sunnyside. In spite of this it was entirely straightforward to ski right to base.

Higher up, conditions are close to perfect. Caenlochan was utterly perfect and snow quality/piste was gorgeous early in the morning. pisted pow on firm base gave superb skiing. The Pister had been busy over to Fionn too, the run over the ridge was a joy. The Gunbarrel was less than perfect, quite challenging with pow, windcrust and crud in mixed patches.

On Glas Maol, the skiing was outstanding with the towside run in superb condition. The gully too was good however wind, banked pow on the right and some variable snow at the entry to the gully were present.

Car Park [Home Run] was so good I had to do it again, Corduroy all the way down, perfect piste and no bare areas. Simply one of the best and most memorable days I have had at Glenshee.

Only 2-300 folk on the hill and when leaving the Cairnwell chair was running and Tiger being used.
:: Riders
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