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Raise // Sunday 5th April 2015
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Still 3 metres in Savages

Still deep trenches needed at the bottom

Superb forgiving spring snow

Catstycam and Helvellyn front wall. Will this be Englands last snow patch this year ?

The morning fog filling the Eden valley and half way down Ullswater

Tranquil water early doors

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:: Snow Cover
Limited Terrain Complete/Open.
:: Surface Conditions (out of 5)
:: Weather Conditions
perfect sunny day. light southerly wind very clear air excellent versions above inversion layer. very warm in the sun. freezing level well above the tops.
:: Snow Conditions & Info
Superb spring snow. Probably one of my most enjoyable days skiing this year. Very forgiving snow. The day started well and just got better and better. the snow never got mushy or too soft. We were essentially skiing on the melting neve layer which makes up the Raise glacier this year. Only Savages and the bottom of the presidents was skiable and only from P4 but dont be decieved by the lack of cover. The depth is still in excess of 3m at the bottom and the skiing surface was superb. Tomorrow may be the last day the tow runs this year however ? ..... but what season over 40 days !
:: Riders
12 very lucky people !
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