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Glencoe // Thursday 11th February 2016
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Cliffhanger/Bottom of Mugs Alley

Looking up Mugs Alley

Top of Mugs Alley/Bunny Run

Looking over to the Wall from the Plateau Cafe

Looking down plateau from Spring Run

Top of Spring Run

Main Basin

Lot of snow in the Main Basin!

View from Car Park - snow at the bottom first thing

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:: Snow Cover
Most Terrain has Good Cover.
:: Surface Conditions (out of 5)
:: Weather Conditions
Around freezing at car park level first thing. Snowing just about all day. I'd call it moderate snow 9-10: 30 then light snow on and off till around 1: 30pm. Had to get back for work so left just before 2pm. Visibility ok, light was a bit flat which made it a wee bit hard to see the bumps, but no pea soup so overall reasonable visibility.
:: Snow Conditions & Info
All runs open with good cover everywhere. There are rocks not fully covered, some sharks just underneath the surface in places, but after the thaw later in January, the mountain is in surprisingly good condition. Deep soft snow esp in Main Basin and Spring Run. Quite bumpy in Main Basin, reminding me my technique needs some work. Although steeper, I thought the Spring Run snow made for a more enjoyable run than Main Basin! Spring Run was my run of the day - the ski patrol hut classed is (I think) "Bloody Fantastic" : -) ... however I also though the new run next to the new Corrie Pollach button tow was really good fun and well filled in compared to my last visit around 3 weeks back - I can see kids using this as a race track! Plateau had a few bare patches, but Low Road had excellent cover all the way to the Access Chair. The narrows on Happy Valley, and the Main Basin to Happy Valley cross over .... these are areas to watch for the occasional rock, ditto for lower down on the Wall. Hope to get some video clips out later.
:: Riders
Stephen S
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