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the Lecht // Saturday 10th February 2018
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Putting a turn in on the Eagle

The Penguin Park in action

Getting air near the bottom of the Eagle2

Looking over to the main area from the Buzzard

Falcon and Harrier from the Buzzard

The Eagle in great shape

The Lodge and Carpark from the Eagle

Getting air.....

Epic fail.....

Getting air out the wind lip on the Eagle Bowl

Full width corduroy on the Eagle

Beginners area in excellent shape

Enjoying the epic conditions on the Eagle

The Slopes just before 11 when we arrived

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:: Snow Cover
Excellent Cover
:: Surface Conditions (out of 5)
:: Weather Conditions
Sunny with some clouds and ocasional short snow showers. Moderate SW winds swinging round to the NW in the afternoon. Around lunch the chair had to close due to wind but could have ran later on when the wind finally died down.
:: Snow Conditions & Info
Great surface with good cover and by far the best day of the 2018 season! All lifts were running at some point except from the Harrier which is scheduled for tomorrow (some work is required on fixing it) Lots of happy faces by the end. Extensive cover so some great off piste available. Off Piste had a nice, breakable crust which stopped you from sinking in. Best run was Eagle, all of them were superb! Due to heavy use there were a few worn patches appearing by the end but they should be fixed with tonight's forecasted snow.
:: Riders
skicadets, Heroes of Telemark
This report was posted by Skicadets at 17.58hrs on Sat 10th Feb 18

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