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CairnGorm Mountain // Friday 5th April 2019
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View up to WWP at 12noon

Look up Ciste Gully. Looked skiable, if only there was a chairlift...

The snow was deep from the edge of glenmore forest and above.

significant snow depth outside the ptarmigan.

Overview of the mountain, with some yellow.

The white lady at around 2: 30pm

View from white lady at around 2: 30pm

Skiers heading down below headwall. Probably not advised, but they had smiles on their faces when they got down.

Top of the Cas Tow. The uptrack and all 4 routes down were in great shape. The Ficialli traverse was perfectly groomed.

Summit, just before the traverse. Lots and lots of snow up here.

Looking over to the White Lady. The M1 was on from around 1: 30pm

Look up the Cas. There was a great fun park to the south of the uptrack.

Look down the mountain from the M1 Loading Boardwalk

Top of the M1. Breezy up here and I had a nice conversation with ski patrol without having to shout.

Grooming the White lady, at around 1: 30pm

Snow fences were buried by the traverse, M1 track.

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:: Snow Cover
Most Terrain has Good Cover.
:: Surface Conditions (out of 5)
:: Weather Conditions
Windy and Misty at first, then glimpses of sun from around 11: 30am. By 2pm the wind had dropped significantly and the M1 Poma was able to open. By 3pm it was blue skies!
+5oc (estimate) at 650m, freezing level at around 1000m.
:: Snow Conditions & Info
Powder/packed powder at the summit with lots of snow formations along the snow fences. The mid-level runs were quite good - some louse, but heavy spring snow on a packed, hard base. Lower down it was slush, but certainly skiable. Off Piste high up is great, but the heaviness of the snow made offpiste below 900m pretty challenging.

A snow park was open on the Cas, near the top. Apparently one of the pistenbully operators was working on it till 11pm on the Thursday night - credit to him and all the other staff. They certainly put some effort in to snow farm where the could to ensure lifts were in use.
:: Riders
Jonathan Cook
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