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England // Sunday 5th February 2012
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Climbed up the tree line on left. Streat Hill Summit is out of shot top left. Snowboarded down the fall line above the trees.

Line taken from top down fall line. Pretty steep

Cornice at top of Streat Hill. Ran for about 100 metres. 1 metre high. I had to cut through it.

View from top of the run. Streat Hill to right. Descent went to the left into heart of the bowl

View from below. Descent to the right of the heart shaped wood.

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:: Tour Route(s) or Location Skied/Ridden
South Downs, Streat Hill, North West 'corries', furtherest west. West side of the heart shaped woodland.
Ascent from B2116 at Streat Lane end via barn and buildings.
Went to west side of building and ascended straight up beside the tree line.
Very steep - Spring Run at Glencoe if not Flypaper angle.
Terrain is steep with sheep terraces, some low scrub and thorns. Rabbit holes also a problem
Descent from fence line at top. Tip turn swing turns to descend but danger of catching a rut. Funnelled into main fall line. Enjoyable in a challenging way.
110 m vertical decent over 140m. 78% gradient 0r 38%
:: Weather Conditions
Overcast. 3.5c.
:: Snow Conditions and Distrubtion
4 inches of snow, high moisture content. Delivered overnight. Sticking to the steeps ok. 1 metre plus cornice near the top. Snow holding together but collapsed when snowboarded over.
:: Skiers/Riders
Nick Jones
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