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Last Update 20.30hrs on Saturday 26th Dec 2020

No snow, but colder weather and snow showers forecast.

Lowther Hills is a membership-based ski area. You must be a Lowther Hills Ski Club member in order to use the club's ski tows. Join here: www.skiclub.lowtherhills.com/join

ForecastVertical Descent
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Road Status

:: Lowther Hill Lift Status & News
WORK PARTIES: There are always a number of jobs to be done on the hill and work parties are organised regularly, mostly on Sundays. Attending a work party is a great way to help the club and meet like-minded people. If you are available to help, please get in touch at skiclub@lowtherhills.com

Lift Status // Sat 26th Dec 2020
Status of Lowther Hill Lifts
Lowther Hill Tow
Status of Golf Course Lifts
Village Nursery Tow #1
Village Nursery Tow #2
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Lowther Hill Outlook
This 5 day outlook issued at
18.31hrs Sun 11th Apr.
Monday 12th April
FL: >Tops.  Sunny
725m: 1°c Little or No Wind.
Tuesday 13th April
FL: >Tops.  Part Cloudy
725m: 2°c NW 10 gust 15mph
Wednesday 14th April
FL: >Tops.  Part Cloudy
725m: 3°c Little or No Wind.
Thursday 15th April
FL: >Tops.  Part Cloudy
725m: 4°c SSE 10 gust 15mph
Friday 16th April
FL: >Tops.  Part Cloudy
725m: 3°c South 10-15mph
Lowther Hill // Sat 16 Dec 2017
Good day on the Leadhills Golf Course slope for members of Lowther Hills Ski Club.
Lowther Hill // Sun 31 Jan 2016
Village Rope Tow in Leadhills was open on Sunday.
Lowther Hill // Thu 14 Jan 2016
Rope tows in Leadhills have been in action this week.

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