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The Lecht // Monday 2nd February 2004
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Kestral Poma has ok cover for those who have mastered the handle tows.

The new Base Lodge takes shape at the Tomintoul side of the Cafe.

Tomintoul side of Harrier still full width, and mostly has a better depth as it retained the most base.

Snowy Owl run is better than the Grouse but some bare bits appearing.

The Eagle Pomas and runs, still mostly full width but becoming worn esp lower down.

Grouse Poma has ok cover on the track, but the Eagle side the run is thin and narrow, very worn other side.

Using the Eagle 2 and the run between the Pomas gives the best cover.

Buzzard run is getting narrow in places, tow track getting thin.

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The Lecht had some good sport over the weekend with the runs full width between the fences, however much milder air has now pushed in, and the thaw is starting to damage the cover.
All main runs remain complete and are for the most part full width between the fence lines, but where the base was lacking thin, worn or even some bare areas are opening up.

Should still give some reasonable riding with softer snow on a firm base, but the runs are likely to become narrower and thinner in places over the next couple of days. Eagle runs, and the Harrier have the best cover, Grouse and Snowy Owl runs are worn on the steep pitch and are the most vulnerable to the thaw. Still reasonable nursery areas around the Robin and Wren, plus the Kestral Poma.

These photos were taken around 5.30pm in poor light which affected the image quality. Photos by Winterhighland.
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