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Glencoe // Monday 14th December 2015
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(Sunday) A family get their ski legs back at the bottom of the Plateau Poma run.

Survived the low level Access Run and made it to the carpark intact!

Dougie ponders being able to see something - but totally flat light and baseless snow made things interesting all the way!

Wide enough cover to go either side of the fence line to 2/3rds of the way down, but lots of pride threatening obstacles in the flat light.

Over 8 inches of snow fell overnight at the top of the Access Chairlift.

Dougie sets off on the Red Access Run from near the top of the Access Chairlift.

Winchcat on the prowl, trying to compact some of the early preseason drifts.

Looking up the new Coire Pollach Tow, needs a bit more snow, though not much - but looking milder for at least a few days.

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Over 8-10 inches of fresh snow fell up on the mountain overnight, around 6-7inches at the carpark level on the edge of Rannoch Moor.

Quite a number of tourers were out both weekend days, with the Access Chairlift having opened a week earlier than planned. A few headed out on Monday as well, the visibility though was poor with very flat light compared to the weekend.

Quite a few hacked their way down the Access Run over the weekend, but those who hiked the upper mountain were rewarded with fantastic dry winter snow on a developing base in the Main Basin and the Spring Run.

Top of the Access Run was great on boards or wider skis, but as you came further down the flat light made what could have been good fun if you could see the undulations in the baseless snow rather interesting - interesting of the sort of smack - where did that come from sort!?

The Access Chairlift is open daily weather permitting for sightseeing, tourers or those who just want to play in the snow. Snow is lying down onto Rannoch Moor, but milder conditions are forecast from mid-week - Tuesday is the best of the next few days, with Wednesday to the end of the week looking mild, wet and windy.
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