pix from the slopes // cairngorm mountain
CairnGorm Mountain // Friday 4th December 2009
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Cas Gunbarrel at dusk. Complete, but narrow below M1 loading area.

View over the M1 Poma and Funicular to the upper reaches of the East Lady. White Lady complete, good unpisted sport for advanced riders.

View up the M1 RaceTrack from the timing hut. Great cover on the upper half out via Horizon Road to the Cas. Bit slick near the bottom.

M1 Poma from the M1/Traverse Split. go anywhere between run and Poma up here.

View down the M1 RaceTrack, upper section in good nick, didn't spot a rock.

Top of the Traverse with as perfect a blue sky behind as you can get.r

Friday afternoon is looking good on the 'Gorm. Seemed a decent turnout, ended up quite far down the car park.

Aviemore Post Office hear I come, the final batch of Winterhighland Calendars on the way to be posted.

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A perfect bluebird Friday to infuriate and tease those planning a weekend slide. Some great riding to be had on the upper mountain and most of the middle on the Cas side, but surface conditions get more variable as you move down towards mid-station.

Fantastic dry machine packed snow in the Top Basin with the Ciste Fairway loaded between the fences. Ptarmigan Tow should be back on for the weekend giving access to the full length of the top runs.

Traverse and 105 provide a good pisted route down onto the Cas, with the Gunbarrel complete for returning to mid-station. Upper Legs of the Zig Zags are ok back to the M1 Poma. Upper Cas was catching a fair bit of windblown fresh Fri afternoon so could have the nicest turns on Sat morning.

M1 RaceTrack is full width between the fences and in good condition above the Horizon Road runout to the Cas. Below the timing hut it's a bit thin and polished, definitely the best approach was ski the upper M1 and cut over to the Cas on Fri.

White Lady and surrounds seeing action, unpisted snow, mix of windblown fresh, some firmer stuff and skier tracked snow. Plenty width and cover for easily returning to the Mid Station or M1 Poma.

Carpark run is skiable with care by good skiers/boarders, but is very thin, exercise caution particularly on Burnside where the footpath cross drains are lurking to catch the unwary - go slow, and look ahead!

Friday's photos from Winterhighland.
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