pix from the slopes // cairngorm mountain
CairnGorm Mountain // Sunday 2nd December 2012
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Heading for the Daylodge via the Carpark Runs.

New T40 at work on the Zig Zags.

Wide cover on the Upper Cas, but little depth so lots of terrain variation.

The new snow fencing on the Traverse was popular with boarders who'd run out of steam.

Traverse, M1 Split. Traverse is thin but snow was decent.

M1 RaceTrack full width, but a few rocks poking through.

Last of the dusk glow as the early winter sun sets.

Ciste Fairway late afternoon. Bowl unpisted but nice skier packed snow between burn and T-bar.

Flat-down box on the Ciste Fairway. Was a small kicker on the WWP track.

Traversing out a tracked up East Lady for a different line.

Skier tracked/packed snow on the White Lady. Great at the top, slightly combat back to mid-station.

Tracks below the Ptarmigan Restaurant.

Heading for the White Lady via the M1 SideTrack from the top.

Ciste T-bar doing it's thing. Regraded track and new wooden wall at bottom greatly helping less experienced users.

Sun on the Ptarmigan Ridge as afternoon shadows lengthen across the bowl.


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After a rather claggy Saturday, it was a largely bright and sunny Sunday to round of the opening weekend of the 2013 season on CairnGorm Mountain and it seems the majority took the forecast to heart and opted for Sunday for their first slide.

The good news on the weather front is that snow should be accumulating through the coming week and an occlusion is bringing a band of precipitation across Highland Scotland overnight and through Monday morning, with the Met Office predicting 6inches of snow for the hills, possibly higher localised totals.

Tonights snow should also be accompanied by a freshening South, veering South Westerly wind overnight which will drift the new and loose lying snow. On Sunday there was a general all over cover, but not much depth due to lack of drifting and a bit of wind tonight might shit enough snow to get that little bit extra in the right places that could allow some additional uplift to open.

The fitters were working on the M1 Poma on Sunday afternoon getting the hangers on and the Ptarmigan Tow is barred up and ready to roll.

On Sunday the prepared runs were the Ciste Fairway with machine packed dry snow and the Traverse, then either the 105 or Cas uptrack, then the Zig Zags to the middle.

Off the prepared areas the Ciste Bowl was good, the White Lady was nice at the top but you had to pick your way a bit at the bottom. The upper M1 out via Horizon Road to the Zig Zags was also fairly decent. The East Lady was seeing action and was well tracked up by the end of the weekend.

Typical early season conditions with generally baseless fresh dry snow, good surface conditions, but thinnish cover - so be careful esp off the prepared and marked terrain.

All in all a good if very busy start to the season and more snow forecast for the week ahead makes it a promising start to the new season.
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