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CairnGorm Mountain // Sunday 2nd December 2007
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Good base at the top of the Ptarmigan.

Looking down onto the Cas from the M1.

H11lly gets some turns in on nice grippy firm snow on the M1.

New fencing at the Traverse/M1 RaceTrack split. Should improve build up, reduce scouring and make it clearer which run is the Traverse!

New bridge in the Gunbarrel at the end of the link from the Zig Zags for heading to M1 Poma. The link has been double fenced.

The mist clears on the M1 Race Track.

Dropping down a banked drift before cutting left to the 105.

Helen finds a secret stash of fresh on the Cas.

View up the Fairway earlier when it was brighter.

Looking down the Fairway which is complete, just a bit more around the foot of the T-bar required.

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The second day of the season started fine with some good bright spells in the morning, but became misty in the Top Basin during the afternoon as the cloud lowered. Winds stayed light all day, leaving a more uniform and very enjoyable covering of fresh on a firm packed base in the Ptarmigan Bowl.

Though only the Ptarmigan Tow open some decent snow in the bowl to get those first turns of the season in, and if you stick to the Ptarmigan Runs there's a base so you don't need the rock hoppers.

No other runs officially open yet, but esp later in the day some were riding down as far as they could on the Cas side (M1 and Traverse/105 skiable to top of Gunbarrel), while those on touring kit took in the Fairway and Marquis Well areas. Ciste Fairway pretty much there, just needs a bit more around the T-bar base.

Photos by Winterhighland with additional pics from H11lly (Helen) and Aviemore (Barry) who has posted more photos in the Public Reports .
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