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Glencoe // Tuesday 27th December 2016
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Bright and Sunny afternoon after a few flurries in the morning.

Top of the Access Chair has deep snow on the track, areas of significant drifts and many areas scoured.

Looking down Mugs Alley at dusk. The Plateau Poma Run is complete but narrow, but should groom up OK in the morning.

Main Basin T-bar track needs a bit more in places, but tourers can get down Ski Tow Gully.

Ski Tourers on the Main Basin, good snow top 2/3rds, lower third had an icy crust but this should soften Wednesday.

Old Mugs Alley is complete and can be skied from the Plateau Poma for access to the Cafe.

Looking up the Main Basin from Island Rock Gully. Only for tourers at present though.

Plenty of areas for sledging by the Plateau Cafe. This is looking up Old Mugs Alley.

Skiers above the Haggis Trap - needs avoided still!

Island Rock Gully on the Main Basin has filled flat in the ferocious winds.

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Glencoe will kick off the 2017 West Coast Season on Wednesday with limited lift served snowsports from the Plateau Poma. The Poma will serve the main Plateau Run which is complete but narrow and also Old Mugs Alley which will provide access to the Plateau Cafe.

Surface conditions are likely to crust over tonight, but the Plateau will be pisted in the morning so should groom up into loose surgery snow as some softening is expected as the freezing level rises to around Munro Level.

Adult lift tickets will be 20 pounds. For tourers and those willing to hike there are more options around the mountain, the Main Basin is skiable as is the Wall mid-mountain. On Tuesday snow was wind packed fresh on the upper 2/3rds of the Main Basin, but there was a distinctly icy crust on a band around mid-mountain. This is expected to loosen up to Spring Snow during Wednesday, so the Wall might be a reasonable ski for those willing to do some leg work in the afternoon.

It's a start and it's several weeks earlier than last year, so come and work off some of the Christmas turkey!
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