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The Lecht // Friday 27th February 2004
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The A939 on route to the Lecht!

A patch of blue sky makes a brief appearance at the top of the Grouse Poma.

Will be a cracker if the weather eases as forecast over the weekend. Good cover building on the runs, but some diagonal links are thin and wind scoured owing to wind blowing along rather than across these fences.

Looking up the Osprey Run, deep drifts loaded to oneside of run. Some bits of matting showing, should be covered once drifts pisted out.

The Grouse Poma and runs from the carpark, good cover building between the fences. Windblown powdery snow.

The Eagle Pomas and the Osprey Poma and runs seen from the Carpark, heavy drifting across the fence lines is filling all main runs, and all are now complete and will be giving great sport once pisted.

Deep drifted powder on the Osprey Run, will be great once pisted out and you can see the surface!

Snowy Owl chair emerges from the heavy drifting!

The link to the Osprey, which is quite narrow, with snow loaded behind the fences. Traverse to the Eagle is wind scoured and very thin, wind blowing parallel to fences.

The Steeper pitch of the Grouse Run which was filling well with the heavy drifting, fresh powder!

Boarder exits the Grouse Poma. Snowy Owl Chair behind.

The new Baselodge is taking shape, viewed from the Grouse through the blowing snow.

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Heavy snow showers were just about continual during Friday afternoon at the Lecht, indeed across the Cairngorms with both the roads to Glenshee and CairnGorm Mountain closed. Moderate drifting has been filling the runs, and blowing snow picked up to reduce visibility to near white-conditions at the top late afternoon as the snow became heavier and the wind picked up. The snow is drifting right across the main fence lines and this means all the runs have been filling, and all main runs are now complete.

Pisting work was ongoing through the afternoon, and once the drifts are pisted out and if the weather eases up a bit as forecast there will be excellent sport for all abilities at the Lecht over the weekend with machine packed powder, with loose windblown powder on top. Runs are generally full width between the fences, little snow build up outwith the fences due to the heavy drifting. In some places such as the Osprey, the snow has built up into big drifts on one half of the run. Grouse runs despite having little base left were in good nick today.

Buzzard runs are complete though slightly narrower and thinner looking than the main side. For better skiers and boarders both the Harrier and Falcon runs look to be complete and both are scheduled to operate on Saturday. Excellent nursery areas on the Robin and Wren with pisted packed powder, Kestrel Poma will also run Saturday. Shaping up to be a powder weekend at the Lecht!

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