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The Lecht // Tuesday 2nd March 2004
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The Buzzard side didn't catch as much snow, runs narrower and thinner than main side, but Tomintoul side of Poma is ok.

Don't try this at home...

Close in of the steeper pitch of the Grouse Poma, run between chair and tow best

View up the Grouse from Carpark, beginner runs in prefect shape for learning, full cover topped up with snow cannons.

Snowy Owl chairlift and run, without the weekend hordes, sweet!

Another cracking day at the Lecht, Grouse run in good shape.

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Tuesday was another largely blue sky sun-cream and shades day at the Lecht, with some great sport available with all main runs complete. Snow slightly more packed than at the weekend, will hopefully consolidate over the next couple of days to give a promising base.

On the slopes all main runs are complete with a generally good cover between the fences, but some of the diagonal links between the runs are thin and narrow in places as these didn't catch the snow as well as the runs. There are a few small worn patches where cover was a bit thinner, but generally the runs held up to the hammering at the weekend remarkably well given some of the busiest areas lacked a real base under the fresh snow. Buzzard runs are thinner than the runs on the main side and are getting more worn in the sun, use either side, but not the middle run!

Thanks to Andrew West for the photos from Tuesday. If you have been out on the mountains and have a set of photos your willing to share on these pages to let others see the conditions please email them to pix@winterhighland.com .
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