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Glenshee // Sunday 1st February 2004
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Devishly good fun in Fionn Coire!! That's one horny guy!!

The red run by the Coire Fionn Pomas was offering the best sport. Full width and deep cover mostly, only section to watch was the thin bits at the bottom visable in this pic.

Why the direct route on Carn Aosda is best avoided!

Carn Aosda Tow doing it's stuff.

Traverse from top of Carn Aosda to Butchart's. Very narrow just above the Poma.

The lower fenced section of Butchart's is narrower, keep by the right hand fence as you go down.

Skiers vanish into the mist on Butcharts, which has good cover in the Bowl. Visibility was fairly poor for most of the day.

Top of Butchart's T-bar. Best snow on the Cairnwell side.

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Glenshee suffered most in the mid January thaw, with only a partial base surviving. Thus while there is some good snow in parts, most runs still have some narrow and thin sections, and there's a couple of places to avoid with all but the oldest rock-hoppers, those with thin narrow cover and very rocky terrain. The two bits to avoid are the Cairnwell Slalom, and the steep pitch of the direct route down by the Tow on Carn Aosda, traverse over in the direction of Butchart's taking the longer less step option for getting onto the main part of Carn Aosda which actually has fairly reasonable snow.

The best snow on the Cairnwell side is in Butchart's Coire which is wide at the top, with great snow in the bowl, though narrower lower down there is a good run by the fences. The route back to the Cairnwell Restaurant is complete, but narrow in bits. The best action on Sunday was over on the red by the Coire Fionn Pomas, full width between the fences with just one thinner section near the bottom, nice packed fresh snow. The Home Run is complete to the foot of Tom Dearg for returning, follow the signs 'Way Home'.

Sunday was largely overcast with moderately poor visibility, and just the occasional brighter spell, but there was some welcome heavy snow showers in the morning.

These pics by Winterhighland.
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