pix from the slopes // cairngorm mountain
CairnGorm Mountain // Monday 22nd December 2003
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That's all folks... heading for home via the Home Road at night fall.

Boarders on the Coire Cas, track bit scrapped, better dropping onto run.

Lovely packed powdery snow on the Traverse which filled well on the Northerly.

North wind shall blow... Lady shall have no snow!

Ice Cold!! Iced up (and fixed) West Wall Poma.

The pisted Ciste Track continues fill as Westerly component of the wind increases. Fairway should fill more tonight.

The Base Station illuminates the Cas Carpark at the end of the day... Let's hope its the first of many!

Plenty of snow around the Ptarmigan, half covered windows alread at the Top Station.

Looking up Coire Cas, better to use top half of 105, then drop down following the hill road. Cas is slowly filling, lot more needed!

Top of the Traverse at M1 crossover is the problem bit, very thin and wind scoured, take care. Should improve with snow on West winds, but not for your new toys on Monday!

Snowboarder getting some first day turns in on the 105, look out for rocks! Should improve on West Wind.

Upper Cas from the Traverse, exit right to avoid the flat bit.

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This weekend though the weather started to deliver, and while Northerly winds are not the favoured direction for CairnGorm, what limited sport's on offer was taking place on lovely fresh dry snow, the prefect sort for those first turns of the season.

A run is available from the Top Station to the Daylodge, via the Traverse, 105, mid Cas, Zig Zags, then down the Home Road to the Base Station; with uplift via the funicular. Typical early season conditions owing to lack of base and the steep pitch of the home road, plus top of the Traverse are very thin, scrapped and gritty. Elsewhere the route has pretty good covering of packed dry powdery snow, good stuff for those first turns. There is enough snow for shortcuts off the Traverse.
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