pix from the slopes // cairngorm mountain
CairnGorm Mountain // Monday 29th December 2003
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Looking down the Cas, skiable but narrow. Best snow to West of Tow upline.

Coire Cas Tow doing it's stuff late afternoon.

The View from the Sheiling down Coire Cas to Loch Morlich, funicular and Home Road in the foreground.

The Daylodge and View beyond from Carpark Run.

The upper Cas from 105 late afternoon. Probably best snow, but very narrow. 2-3ft drop off where the road crosses the run. Unpisted, but nice windpacked powder beyond the tow.

Dusk coming in over Loch Morlich at the end of the day.

hat's Coire... Coire's famous there's even a book about her!!

The top of the Home Road and Middle Station from Sheiling. (which was open).

Looking up Coire Na Ciste. Aonach Bowl, WW Poma track filling.

Carnage on the 105... AVOID!! Drop of the Traverse before the hairpin, cut across upper 105 straight onto Cas proper.

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Monday's appear to be the days so far, last Monday saw day one of the 2004 season on CairnGorm Mountain, and we were back under way today, following the weekend storms.

Not really much difference from last Monday, sort of back to where we were, though some areas are a bit worse, top of the Home Road, and the top of the 105 really need to be avoided, even your rock-hoppers would complain, heavier snowsports traffic today has scrapped these areas, other bits are slightly better than last week. Typical early season conditions owing to lack of base so look out for scrapped and gritty areas, plus exposed rocks. Cant fault the snow, lovely packed powdery snow, very nice for early season, just need loads more.
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