pix from the slopes // cairngorm mountain
CairnGorm Mountain // Friday 2nd January 2004
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Looking up the Carpark Run (Burnside) very thin just over the brow of the hill. Mostly unpisted, hardpacked and icy in places, M2/Daylodge better route down.

Daylodge Poma run is better option for heading home than Carpark. A few thin bits which require caution, but worth it for the M2.

The Gunbarrel is fully complete, having gone from nothing before Hogamany it really filled well, best cover on the Cas but hard packed, sharpen those edges!

The Upper Cas, very narrow in places. Stay to the left side option as you start off down, very rocky on tow track side. Very narrow at Crossover, no run just tow track, remember the people going up!!

Awsome!! The M2 offeirng the best sport on the Mountain, machine packed powder, fresh windblown snow topping it up!

Two skiers on the flat section of the Traverse. Top of Traverse and top of 105 is much improved after the Hogmanay storm.

Ciste Fairway and Ski Tow, looking over to the Ptarmigan Tow.

Lower section of the White Lady, fairly good width on most of the Lady, some thin narrow bits higher up.

CairnGorm Mountain from the bridge on the Burnside of the Carpark Run. Notice Lady filled in, good sport for experts.

Looking from the bridge to the Carpark Tow, even the burn has started to fill in.... Keep it coming!

Top of the Traverse by the M1 Poma, greatly improved from early in the week.

Looking back up the lower half of the M2 from near the Aonach Poma, narrower lower down, but still superb snow, was filling in more late afternoon.

Looking over Coire Cas to Fiacaill Buttress.

Outside the Top Station.

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Fine weather on Friday, and the end result of the Hogmanay storm meant some excellent early season sport, for experts the best sport was on the M2 and the White Lady, for lower abilities the Ptarmigan Bowl has good nursery areas and the Ciste Fairway is in good shape, though still a few rocks showing, mainly near the steeper sections where the cover is thinner and prone to getting scrapped.

A mixed bag of conditions over the mountain, anyone taking a run down the M2 and then heading for the Cas expecting a gentle cruise is in for a not very pleasant surprise, the full length is complete, but it's very narrow on the top section, and the Cas is very hard packed, sharpen those edges for the Gunbarrel, makes a huge difference! Top of the Traverse and the 105 much improved, best to stay on 105 for a more enjoyable run. Maybe put the Cas down as 'challenging sport', blades are the way to go here, and there was no Queue on the Cas Tow!
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